Our founder, Nicole Graham, offers her services consulting in system automation, standard operating procedures, and ecourse implementation. As a socially conscious business owner who supports women to create greater work-life harmony, she believes that we can’t do it all ourselves, and having a network of supportive people (family and friends) is the key to greater happiness and success.

Nicole asked us to develop a website that was more aligned to her own personal brand, not Bauhinia Solutions or Start Smart Website. She wanted to promote services that she offers on a project basis, and was specific to her skill set.

www.nicole-graham.com new customised using Divi

Nicole’s favourite colours are red and purple, which signify being grounded and spiritual. We added the gold as a way of marrying the two colours. Predominately purple, we felt the colour was better for promoting her and her services. We used the Divi theme to create a simple layout, that highlights Nicole’s services, and once the site was functioning, we applied on-page SEO.

In summary, what we did for Nicole was:

  • Developed custom website
  • Sourced images for the pages
  • Added all her content and images
  • Added a blog subscription plugin
  • On-page SEO

Hi, I’m Nicole, Founder of Bauhinia Solutions and Start Smart. Our ‘Almost Custom’ websites offer you all that you need to get started with your own website – beautiful, functional, easy to use features, and pre-made pages ready for your content. Visit our Demo page to view our designs and our Showcase page to view our work.

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