Doctor Monica Borschel is a Clinical Psychologist based in Hong Kong who specialises in Attachment and Loss. Dr. Monica’s attachment-based psychodynamic therapy and guided meditative practices enable her clients to find healing within themselves. In so doing, she can help adults, teens, and children to overcome neglect, emotional, verbal, physical abuse, and child abuse. Furthermore, as an attachment specialist, she also helps individuals understand relationship patterns which prevent them from developing or maintaining healthy relationships. Dr. Monica uses mindfulness practices and positive psychology to reduce anxiety, insomnia, depression and promote confidence and self-esteem.

Website Redeveloped using Divi

Monica knew that it was time to revamp her old site, she was happy with the written content, however, she was looking for a website that would echo her approach as a therapist. We worked on a colour palette that would suit Monica’s business and sourced images that would also bring warmth to the website. We wanted to showcase the services that Monica offers for children, teens, adults and families and used one of our WordPress themes for the redesign that worked perfectly.

Monica also had an incredibly interesting and insightful blog where she shares both supportive advise and education around mental health and relationships. We looked to showcase her blog throughout her website as well as the blog itself. Today we still work with Monica assisting her with the uploading of her blog posts along with providing image selection and SEO.

In summary, what we did for Doctor Monica was:

  • Loaded content and blog from the old site
  • Customised website using our Freya theme
  • Provided colour guidance
  • Provided image guidance
  • Showcased blog
  • On-page and image SEO

Beautiful websites at low cost.

Bauhinia offers beautiful websites at low cost. The customer service was thorough and friendly.

Dr. Monica Borschel, Clinical Psychologist

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