Bauhinia Solutions was founded by our very own Nicole Graham. Nicole started Bauhinia in 2007 as an independant virtual assistant, supporting business owners with their administrative and technical needs.  Since then, Bauhinia has expanded to become a team of Virtual Assistants supporting coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and small teams in the areas of online marketing, business assistance and much more.

As Bauhinia began to expand and grow, Nicole knew that the original website that was built “way back when” needed a new look. Nicole wanted to showcase her team and service offerings whilst creating a useful blog to share their knowledge and experience on all things business support related (working with a virtual assistant, managing email, and online marketing). Nicole already had a strong brand and style, so we focused on the layout, making the website feel fresh and clean whilst creating a feeling of warmth through the imagery.

With Bauhinia being in business for 11 years, Nicole had a number of client testimonials that she wished to share with her site visitors. Client reviews can be key to establishing credibility. Nicole felt that adding a dedicated client feedback page and as well as sprinkling them throughout the site was a great way to share other customer’s experiences, helping potential clients to feel confident in working with the team at Bauhinia.

In summary, what we did for Bauhinia was:

  • Developed custom website
  • Provided content guidance
  • Provided content imagery
  • Provided page layout
  • On-page SEO

Hi, I’m Nicole, Founder of Bauhinia Solutions and Start Smart. Our ‘Almost Custom’ websites offer you all that you need to get started with your own website – beautiful, functional, easy to use features, and pre-made pages ready for your content. Visit our Demo page to view our designs and our Showcase page to view our work.

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